This step-by-step process provides a personal service to each client.


1. In-Home Consultation

The first step gives you and the contractor time to sit and discuss clear goals and objectives. This visit helps the contractor identify project details, such as what can or cannot be done and any issues, concerns or roadblocks that can potentially occur. Walking through your property also allows the contractor to identify any unique considerations to keep in mind and it makes it easier to offer solutions or suggestions. This is the time for you to provide a budgeted price range for their project.

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2. Quote, Drawings & Designs

After our contractor has seen your property or room, they will carefully put together an estimated quote based on your wants and needs. Our contractor will provide a detailed scope of work, along with a list of materials and costs. During this time, a designer will also create drawings of the remodeling area that will include designs and specs. This is where ideas are turned into visuals. You will then approve or decline the quote provided.

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3. Demo

Your project kick-off begins with our team demoing your room or space being renovated. This step will not begin until the materials are delivered. This helps avoid any timeline setbacks, making the project run smoothly and on-time. During the demo phase, our contractors will become aware of issues or concerns, at which point you will be informed immediately. During this time, it is likely the room they are working on will be unusable.


4. Post-Demo Cleaning

Unlike most renovation companies, BCB offers a unique service. Our cleaning experts clean the room after demolition, making the process easier for both you and our contractors.


5. Remodel

Our team of talented, professional, and experienced contractors will begin transforming your space and making your vision come to life. We will keep you updated throughout the entire remodeling process. Attention to detail is important to us, therefore your project will not be complete until our contractors make final tweaks and adjustments. This can include light fixtures, outlets, cabinet scribing and other miscellaneous tasks.

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6. Post-Remodel Cleaning

Our cleaners will come to your house one last time after project completion to clean your newly renovated area, saving you time and energy.


“Bridge City Builders really took the vision I had for my home and made it a reality. I can’t say enough about how good their work is, how friendly their people are, and how trustworthy their team was through the whole experience. I’d recommend them for any remodeling job.” -Angel Lehrian

“Bridge City Builders came up with an amazing and elegant design for our master suite remodel. They helped us maximize our space, and included fine details and intricacies that have added functionality, aesthetics, and warmth. They kept us in the loop at every step, and had everything wrapped up and spotless on time, right before the baby came!” -Alex Gindin